Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trust Catalyst (Galeo)

How do we build trust?

We live in a relational universe and the nature of those relationships are critical. How do we build trust? How do we look out for our fears? We often have good intent to act as agents for social change, but our actions weaken our ability to build bridges. Community building is an ecological process with boundaries and inputs. There is constant shifting and negotiation moulding our identities through the stories that hold together our time and reality. We weave between competition, collaboration and competition again. Trust is the weft. Finding a way to connect to ourselves, where we are local and simultaneously part of an inter-connected global world. The catalyst for achieving the world we dream of is trust.

Galeo Saintz
Conservation Adventurer - Wild Peace Advocate - Global Trails Ambassador - Public Speaker
Galeo and I were introduced on a trail by John, where he burst into poetry on being a half-hearted fanatic

Galeo and John trust each other

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