Saturday, November 26, 2016


Twitter is useful for expanding into other worlds. Lots of people use it as a soapbox, but I have found it more helpful if the communication is two way. It is the best filter I know of for getting thought pieces to chip away at my ignorance about the world. Twitter isn't the best facilitator of discussion. For that I think you need context. I like smaller Whatsapp groups for that. For a real life analogy, that can be closer to sitting around a table rather than standing in a hall.

I do have a Facebook 'bubble problem' in that I find it more difficult to get a balanced view of the world because the people I know aren't a balanced starting point. Most of my arguments are with people who actually mostly agree with me. The fine points of the disagreements set the blood boiling, and hide more common ground than they create.

If I could wave a wand, I would like a Social Media platform with facilitators. A combination of fact checkers and skilled communicators who can pull together all the noise. Those facilitators could also explicitly make introductions to people with different world views who are also trying to understand the other side.


Even there I worry I am after a unicorn. I don't think much of the divide is intellectual, rational or even ideological. I think the problem comes down to individuals knowing each other in tangible ways. Less about debate, and more about connection.

There isn't much point in critique or feedback if there isn't first common ground. A buffer of positive sentiment that makes you actually care what the other person thinks. 

First find a reason to like someone, then you can sort out any problems. 

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