Thursday, November 17, 2016


One of the conditions for joining the United States was population. Disease and War wiped out much of the indigenous inhabitants of Ohio. It joined in 1803 with a just over 43,000 people. By 1850, there were about 2 million. By 1900, 4.2 million. By 1970, 10.7 million. Since passing 1 million people, growth per decade has ranged between 13.2% and 30.3% (excluding the WWII slump). Since around 1970, that has slowed to low single digits. Ohio is about the same size as Benin, a country in Africa, with a similar sized population as well (10.9 vs 11.6 million for Ohio). 27% of the state claim German ancestry, 14% Irish and 9% English. As a swing state, Ohio has switched from Red to Blue and back consistently with Reagan-Bush the last time the parties didn't change. Obama won 2,827,709 votes in 2012. Trump won 2,771,984 in 2016, but Clinton's share fell to 2,317,001. The last time Ohio didn't back the winner was Kennedy. 

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