Monday, December 12, 2016

Decision Making

I am a creature of habit. I like processes and patterns. Things I can understand. When I am part of a team, two things that drive me nuts are a lack of clarity around decision making, and unjustified superiority complexes. Unjustified by who? By me. We don't operate in a functional meritocracy.  I am more than happy to take instructions from someone when: 

1) I am learning from them, 
2) I don't feel like they are simply outsourcing the jobs they don't want to do to me,
3) We like each other, 
4) We share a common purpose

When there are structural reasons why any of these rules don't work, my inner elephant goes on the rampage. I can intellectually try pretend I can carry on doing what needs to be done for other reasons, e.g. money, expectations, patience, accepting that is the way the world works. I know I will fail. Inside me is a raging righteous indignation when I feel like things aren't the way they should be.

Freedom isn't a lack of constraints. Good rules can make the game far more enjoyable. Freedom isn't even free will and the ability to make the decisions. Freedom is a feeling that I am part of something bigger that I believe in. Not just a cog. An integral part of something that matters.

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