Sunday, December 11, 2016

South Sudan

South Sudan is about the same size as France. It gained independence from the North in 2011 and is second on the 2016 Fragile State Index to Somalia, and just ahead of neighbours, the Central African Republic, and its sibling Sudan. Although 99% of the vote supported independence, disputes remain, as 75% of the former Sudan's oil revenues came from the South. In the ongoing Civil War, there are at least 7 different armed groups all accusing the Government of planning to stay in power indefinitely and not representing all the people of the country. Since 2013 when a power struggle broke out between the President and the Deputy, an estimated 300,000 people have died. About 3 million people of the estimated population of 8-12 million (the exact figure is disputed) have been displaced. 1 million having fled to neighbouring countries, and 2 million displaced within the country but not able to go home. 

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