Saturday, April 22, 2017


Tacit Knowledge is powerful. We should push decisions as close to where the understanding lies as possible. Often we understand, but we don't know how we understand. As soon as decisions are extended beyond intimate groups, they lose nuance, and people get summarised into 'the people'. Although central decision making can allow for a much bigger impact, the world is complex, unambiguous and uncertain. Whether we go left or right can have unintended consequences. Making small, micro-ambitious decisions allows us to learn with the only certainty that the engine of that learning will be our mistakes. The four freedoms of movement (people, goods, services, and capital) are learning tools that partner the written word, numbers and money. We learn and empower through exchange and sharing. Democracy should be a tool of empowerment, not a tool of power.

Single Market
Freedom of Movement of People, Goods, Services and Capital

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