Friday, July 14, 2017

Group Decisions

One of the problems with getting real change is we need to get buy-in to both the destination, and the path. In my experience, the more people you add to the mix, the more difficult it is to get agreement. It doesn't matter what job people do, the thing that grates most people's goat is the same. Other people. I am a mix of a stubborn donkey, and a rah-rah team player. I like community, and I like people. I hate hierarchy. I also like the ability to just make decisions on my own. The reality is every time we engage with others, it gets harder to make decisions. We don't know the path in advance. We can guess, but we need to trust each other when things change. We need something that gives us enough faith in each other to let others make decisions for us. Without a foundation of common ground, and trust... there isn't a community. It isn't about being the same. It is about having a real interest in each other's success.

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