Saturday, July 15, 2017

Personal Rule

Modern Income Tax was introduced in 1799 to the United Kingdom to pay for the French Revolutionary War. Nations of 'the People' v Monarchs. Before that, Parliaments were summoned when the Monarch needed money. The 'Long Parliament' (1640-1660) followed a concession which required agreement to be dissolved. This came after the 'Short Parliament' which lasted only 3 weeks, after an 11 year attempt at personal rule, before King Charles I dissolved it because he couldn't get what he wanted. PAYE is a withholding tax. This, and bond markets, made it much easier for Governments to raise and spend. Pool the money, and make 'central decisions' about how to spend it. A Universal Basic Income would be different. It doesn't make 'the' people sovereign. It makes people sovereign. It doesn't enable group decisions. It empowers personal decisions. A UBI would not replace government. The messy work of coming to common understanding is still required. It just gives everyone a genuine seat at the table. Participating in a contribution based UBI scheme is analogous to those with Privilege ending their personal rule, while giving everyone personal sovereignty. 

executed in 1649
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