Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sustainable Wealth

Most people's biggest asset is their ability to work. That is why Disability Insurance is a bigger deal than Life Insurance. If you aren't alive, you don't need money. If you can't earn, we as a society haven't quite figured out how to no make that a big problem. The first thing we do every day, is survive. Everything else is a bonus. The magic of 'Capital' is you can transform your labour into something that can exist beyond you. Active Income comes from what you do. Passive Income comes from what you own. In an ideal world, we would have Community Wealth Fund generated Universal Basic Incomes. Basic, so incentives to do more remain. But more isn't necessarily monetary. Sufficient that we aren't living hand to mouth. Hand to mouth has no buffer, and hand to mouth is a Ponzi Scheme when the hand disappears. Sustainable wealth is an empowered community defined by more than our ability to survive.

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