Thursday, September 07, 2017

See and Connect

I recently had a workshop with four others on my Universal Basic Income and Community Building projects. It is fair to say I am currently deep in the long grass. The 'next step' from all four was about definition, implementation and action. Refine and defining what it is I plan to do. 

I believe in empowerment. In seeing the potential and value in everyone. To see, we need to be connected. So the two parts of the bigger project are See and Connect.

With 7.5 Billion people on this planet, that project can be overwhelming. As people, we are constrained by very real capacity limits on our energy, emotions, and physical abilities. I have been exploring ways to build a model that is scalable, replicable and sustainable. Building a community of 150 people in a way that could be done 50 million times.

Even 150 seems to big to start. I am still very early in the process. Exploration mode. I need a definition for WHAT I am doing. I also need to define clearly WHY I am doing it. At some point I do need to come out of the grass and commit to a model. Do something. The best way to learn is through trial and error.

To start, the 150 model is still overwhelming. In line with micro-ambition, I need to go smaller:

1) Finance my own (A) Universal Basic Income engine.
2) Find one person (B) to see, be seen by, and empower with a UBI engine.
3) Find one person (C) to see, be seen by, and assist in building an engine.

This could expand to a self-financing community of 150 people that empowers 75 people out of poverty.

Coming out of the grass

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