Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Basic Income Platform

We could crowdsource a Community Wealth Fund (CWF) to pay a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Given that it is Universal and doesn't distinguish between deserving and undeserving recipients, finding those to receive is not difficult. The harder challenge is getting buy-in for those willing to contribute. Each contributor could (1) fund their own UBI, and (2) nominate one recipient they know personally. A fully funded UBI of $3000 a year could then be allocated to recipients via a lottery system once the capital has been raised. Limiting the size of the CWF to 150 payments would mean 75 recipients. This would be small enough for everybody to get to know everybody. Those who contribute know the others who contribute. This would prevent the sense of disconnection that comes with scale. The peer-to-peer relationships provide the human glue to hold it together.

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