Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Build Another

There are always things that are deserving of funding. In a world of limited resources there are trade-offs and compromises. One of those trade-offs is time. If there was only one issue that needed attention, and each month it cost $100, what would you do if you suddenly had $100 a month extra for a limited period (say 10 years)? Solve it for now, and come up with another solution later? Or put some money aside to invest? Norway has a Sovereign Wealth Fund. There are always problems to solve, but Norway invests some of the money from its natural resources, and only spends part of the growth. It is like living off the fruit of trees, planting some, but leaving the trees to grow. You only get to cut the tree down once. I think we could do the same with a Community Wealth Fund. You could build your own fruit tree, and build another. If I did that too, and gradually more people joined in... we could build the engine for a genuine Universal Basic Income.

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