Thursday, October 26, 2017

Not Two

Advaita means 'Not Two'. Advaita Vedanta is a philosophical form of Hinduism. The Sanskrit word for the soul is Atman, and for God is Brahman. A = Not. Dvaita = Two. The philosopher Shankara believed that "Atman is Brahman". They are not separate. I am not religious, but I find this idea very powerful. A lot of our stress is tied into the creation of, or stress over our own identity. Our idea of who we are. Our essence. Our soul. The idea that we are not separate, and that nothing we can do changes who we are, takes a lot of that angst away. Like a child doing a school oral, the moment they forget that they are being judged and get passionate about the content, is the moment their voice stops wobbling. It is the meaning we create that matters. We create that together. Not as two.

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