Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gender Wars

Traditional Western Gender roles can be oversimplified as an exchange of money, muscles and sperm for a home, a family and food. In very conservative households, that can make life incredibly simple. Everyone knows their role and does it. A lot of the time consensually. When there is confusion, you go to an elder and they tell you what the expectations are. No discussion. In a Liberal world, all bets are off. Every expectation needs to be discussed, unraveled and rebuilt. You aren't a category, you are a person. There are no elders to turn to. It is confusing. I believe in a liberal world. I am prepared to wrestle with each decision to come up with something that works. I can fully understand why people would consensually opt in to just doing what they are told. I can't. I am a Donkey. I need to believe in what I am doing wholeheartedly, and if someone pulls too hard... I just stand still even harder.

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