Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Maya is the idea that everything we experience is just an illusion, fraud, or deception that creates disorder and chaos. Like Neo and the Matrix but in thousand-year-old Indian texts rather than the big screen. Dharma is order within that chaos. If everything is an illusion, why bother? My understanding of accepting your Dharma is accepting the things that need doing. Things may well not be as they should be, but raging against the machine gets you nowhere. Your Dharma are your responsibilities and duties. The entry ticket for being able to bend the Matrix to your will. The things you need to just 'suck up'. Money is a good example. There is no point in hating it. The world we live in sets the ground rules that you need some. Without financial security, you can't pursue the things money doesn't understand. Learn the rules. Then break them.

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