Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Soaking Ideas

When we talk 'off the cuff', where do the words come from? Mostly fully formed sentences come out, with occasional stumbles, ums, errs, and likes... but from where? I am attempting to break out of my Monotongue English world. I am learning new words slowly, and sentences, and gradually creating webs of understanding. It takes ages for it to soak in. I think most of what we say is sitting there waiting to be said. Pre-cooked. So when we listen and act, most of us are just waiting for these pre-existing scripts to play out. It is like our body recognises the situation, and says 'I got this', then goes into automatic effort. It takes a lot of effort to pause, and say 'No, maybe this situation is new'. It takes a lot of effort for new information to soak in, connect to what we already think... and perhaps even change our minds a little.

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