Thursday, February 07, 2019

Dancing Partner

Computers have been able to beat even the best people at Chess for a long time. People with Computers can still beat Computers. Where I get excited by Artificial Intelligence isn't by Anthropomorphising it. It is a tool like any other. "Technology" includes profound but boring things like indoor plumbing, fridges, and stoves. What is interesting is the knock-on effect on how we engage with each other.

I think AI could be an incredible Dancing Partner. We are mostly a collection of habits and automated responses. We learn the steps, but it is only once we are able to relax into simply enjoying it that we can release the intelligence required to coordinate all our limbs with the music.

A lot of our struggles are Coordination Problems. We aren't very good at asking or offering. We forget things. We lose momentum. We get distracted. Yet that quirkiness is what allows us to connect dots that 1s and 0s would steam past. That quirkiness is where the magic lies. In the confusion, and struggle, and mess.

Learning Tools are the ones that excite me the most. Something that is smart enough just to listen, write, and ask questions. Then to play back our thoughts to us. Each of us gets a little daily feedback loop. One that aligns with what we have said is important to us. One that knows what we are good at, and what we need to develop. Tools that help us dance.

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