Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Financial GPS

The world changes fast. But not fast enough (yet) that it is not worth modelling where you would like to be on a few people who went from (a) roughly where you are now, to (b) roughly where you want to be. Opening your ears to case studies. “The world isn’t fair. If it was, you’d be much worse off”, a friend of mine tells his kids. We can’t all plug the same destination into our financial GPS. We can map our point of ignorance, and develop skills and knowledge. I was good at exams. A disciplined studier and ruthless time manager. Talking to people made me think “hard but possible” was a great competitive advantage. In the box thinking. The hard box. I studied a 4-year Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town. I then kept the momentum with work and study doing three professional qualifications. A lot of this was mapping to people ahead of me. Do I want to do what they do? My eventual answer, was no. I map bits of various people. Channelling them as I need to. Accepting that life is a bit of a game of alternative realities. The combination of destinations is my own.

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