Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Not all good ideas are good business ideas. Not all good business ideas are good ideas. We can’t reduce a complex world down to clear decisions that don’t have trade-offs, and uncertainty. Decisions have consequences. Within businesses, this complexity can be left to the judgement of those where authority lies. Businesses have Cost Centres, and Profit Centres. Things that don’t bring in money, but are still considered ambiguously worth it. Maybe even considered the Core Purpose. The Profit Centres are the Engine. Print Media has gone through the disruption of having its Engine removed. Quality Content was the Core Purpose. But Advertising was the Engine. Search and Social Media swooped in. Now lots of people produce content (of ambiguous quality) for almost free. I have written over 2,400 posts in the last 5 years for £23.44. Except I don’t get paid till that hits £60. Don’t hold your breath. I’m not. No one clicks on my ads. It is important to work towards a detached Engine, so that your purpose doesn’t get its financing removed if the rules change.

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