Friday, July 31, 2020

Fist to Mouth

Creative Destruction dismantles long standing ways of doing things in order to make way for innovation. It scales the idea of “making yourself redundant”. There is a punch you in the face obvious problem with making yourself redundant. It requires trust. Fool me once, shame on you style. When you realise that someone has the ability to cut you loose like a gangrenous limb, after solving their problem, one option is to make yourself irreplaceable. To stop trusting. To create artificial barriers to entry and negotiating power. Little secrets people don’t want known. Stuff they know you know they wouldn’t want in the newspaper. Dirt. The only way to truly want creative destruction is to be an owner. Then, and only then, do you have an incentive for the problem to be solved. Otherwise, the real incentive is to make sure you, personally, are a part of the problem solving. You want the problems to go on. To release the power of creative destruction, we have to detach our identities from problems. To build buffers of cash, and engines of capital, that support us beyond hand to mouth living. That make us celebrate a job no longer being necessary, because it means a problem has been sustainably solved.

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